Aegean Cuisine | Service reDesign [2012]

The Aegean Cuisine is a service proposal created in one week, as part of the SuSeDe [Sustainable Service Design] 2012 Erasmus intence programme, a joint programme of the Universities of the Aegean [Greece], TU Delft [Netherland], Imagination Lancaster [UK] and Koln International School of Design [Germany]. A team of 6 undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students researched, analysed, synthesised and designed a service proposal for the Aegean Cuisine initiative. Team members Hijeen Choi [KR], Rachel Jiang [CN], Simeon Johannes [DE], Vanessa Karaoglou [GR], Yorgos Laftsis-Skretas [GR], Dimitris Niavis [GR]. The Aegean Cuisine initiative (a system of participating members of the Southern Aegean islands [Greece] that wish to offer tourists the Aegean emotion and experience) was created to exploit the very rich wine and food gastronomy of the Aegean, in order to benefit the enhancement and promotion of locally produced goods, but also the creation and promotion of tourism to the islands. Aegean Cuisine is a creation of the Center for Business & Technological Development of South Aegean (KETA of South Aegean) implemented in close cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. It’s a campaign with mission to show and share the unique cultural and culinary heritage of the Aegean islands.

Our first objective was to get to know what the Aegean Cuisine is and how its stakeholders perceive it.
An intensive research phase took place, during which we tried to evaluate the opinions of different stakeholders about the Aegean Cuisine, as well as their concerns.
We clarified the problem area from the perspective of the stakeholders and understood the complexity of the context that we had to design for, based on sustainability criteria.
Thus, we initiated the Aegean Cuisine Cooperative, with the main objective to increase organic and local production.
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